Herwig Janssen over Coche Dury

28 augustus

"Yesterday, I was given the opportunity to taste through all the wines Domaine Coche Dury made in 2010.
Not surprisingly, father and son Coche made great wines. With one caveat: leave them alone for a decade at least. While the 2009’s are already delicious, the 2010 wines are true vins de garde.
Overal characteristics are wines that are tight, concentrated, with dominating and penetrating acidities. Spicy, with chalk and wet stone impressions, green apple and lemon... you get the picture. The wines also show impressions of dry extract that I usually only find in the wines from d’Auvenay. I did NOT get any wood or barrel flavors.

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Aligoté (87)and Bourgogne Blanc (88): even at this level, I would stash them away for a couple of years before opening them. Perfect with oysters.
Meursault les Chevalieres ( 92+) and Rougeots ( 92+): the Chevalieres is more elegant and fine, the Rougeots more powerful and full bodied but with less finesse. Amazing villages wines, only equalled by Roulot in top years.

Meursault Genevrieres (93+) and Puligny les Ensiegnieres (93): the surprise here is that the Puligny (a Villages wine) equals the level of the Genevrieres. The G. is more closed and tight while the Ens. is probably the wine that approaches drinkability the most of all these wines.

Meursault Perrieres (97): wow, what a wine. Unbelievable length and class; this will age 30 years plus. probably better than 90 % of all grand cru’s.
Perrieres a grand cru ? This one for sure. I would not touch this wine before 2020. As good as the best Perrieres he ever made (89, 90..) Corton Charlemagne 2005 (97): Coche has not released his CC 2010 because he fears people will open it too soon. He did the same with the 2005, just released. I can see why. It’s a multi-layered wine that still needs time to put it all together. All the components to have grand vin are there but this one will need more time to integrate. Keep this one in your cellar for another 5 years.
My sincere thanks to the Wijnmakelaarsunie for this great tasting. Oh yes, we finished with a powerful oily wine, with hints of honey on the nose. Beautiful golden color. This could only be Montrachet and it was. The DRC 2001 Monty shines and is fully ready. White Burgundy is a mine field and highly frustrating... but when they get it right , there is nothing that comes close".

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